A Comprehensive Crypto Asset Management Tool

A Comprehensive Crypto Asset Management Tool

I’ve been trading crypto assets lately and with thousands of coins being traded across dozens of exchanges, gradually, it becomes difficult to keep track of assets that I care about and invest in. Let’s think about it for a second. Cryptocurrencies are traded across multiple exchanges at different prices. The same amount of BTC I buy could cost me more or less, depending on where I shop.

Most crypto assets trading platforms/exchanges do not provide portfolio management solutions to their users; and those that do, offer very limited features in that regard. Coinbase ($1B in revenues last year) for instance provides only one pie chart, that displays a distribution of my portfolio by coin/asset and a data table of all my transactions.

That’s it! No analytics whatsoever.

  • If I want to know how much PROFIT/LOSS I have made since my initial investment, I’ll have to do the math myself. Coinbase’s dashboard does not give me that information.
  • if I want to know how much volume of money I have moved (buy and sell combined), Coinbase cannot easily spit that information out for me.
  • I have yet to see a crypto assets software/platform that gives me the distribution of my portfolio by assets across multiple exchanges.



I can go on and on and on…

As an investor/trader I want to know that information at all times. So what’s the point of having a trading platform if there’s no portfolio management solution that complements it?

While searching for answers and trying to do the math myself every single time I made a trade, I got so frustrated, confused, and lost. That’s when I decided to build a tool that will bring back my peace of mind.


I needed a tool that’ll “Tell me a story about my crypto assets investments”. 


This web-based application is still at a demo stage at the moment but it is by far my favorite tool for anything crypto other than actual trading. I use it so much I haven’t checked coinmarketcap or any other crypto sites for weeks (Except when I am looking around for design patterns for my app). I get everything I want and need from this tool

  • The dashboard gives me an in-depth analysis of my portfolio that services like Coinbase and many others don’t provide.
  • I can add coins to my list of favorites with one tap/click of a button.
  • I can visualize details about a specific coin with charts that are actually useful to me as a trader/investor. 
  • I can cross-analyze price movements of a coin against its volume for the same time period on one single chart
  • I can track all my favorite coins from one single dashboard
  • I can visualize my investments/assets across multiple exchanges (not yet tho. Still in the works)
  • My transactions are stored locally on my device and are accessible offline at all times. I can choose to save them into a text file and then upload the file to the cloud.



I have uploaded a few screenshots of the application to give you an idea.

If you are interested in testing this tool and providing feedback, please reach out to me.

Once I find a good name for it, I’ll publish the site online and share the link with everyone.


Supercharging the tool with…

A conversational chatbot. I will be able to hold human-like conversations with the bot such as:

Me: “What is my BTC balance on Coinbase?”

bot: “Your BTC balance is $10,000 on Coinbase”

Me: “Awesome! Am I losing money on my LTC investment on Bittrex?”

bot: “Good news! your LTC asset gained 5% on Bittrex today”

There are numerous chatbots that are operating in the crypto space, but most of them were mainly designed to provide price quotes on crypto assets, and not to perform actual wealth analysis/diagnosis against holdings/assets.


A dashboard that tells me a story about the coins that I care about and Invest in



Cross Analysis: I can analyze/visualize all my favorite coins in one single chart


Gainers & Losers


ICO Monitoring

I monitor the evolution of upcoming, live, and finished ICOs. For each one, I get detailed information about the company such as the mission, the milestones of the project, the team behind the project, useful links, etc.



I am always up to date with what is happening in the space. I get my news right from the app, and I can search by topic or interest.

Software Architect & Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Software Architect & Full Stack Blockchain Developer. I enjoy helping Entrepreneurs build the technology they need to run a successful business