Shopify E-Commerce Store
with Marketing Capabilities.

Treat your wardrobe with something special. Nnenga™ has developed the most comfortable to wear and the most resistant silk in the world and all this with an extraordinary lightness.

Nov 2020
Shopify Store
Nnenga Silk

Nnenga needed to build an E-Commerce Shopify Store to help them run a Clothing Store online, efficiently.

“The vision behind NnengaSilk is to elevate the beauty of African Print and give it its letter of nobility.”
Rosine Watat, Founder

Design Stage
Designed & Built the Shopify store with custom graphics
E-Commerce Integration
WooCommerce & Payment Systems to ease customer experience
Marketing Strategy
Installed Marketing tools, Analytics tools, and Setup Social Channels, Reward & Loyalty Programs
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Made by Nzouat

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