A Video Streaming Platform
made of 2 systems.

First, is a Progressive Web App or PWA, that allows Organizations to access & consume video content (offline) of their events, add to faves; Second, is a backend for the business to manage video projects, organizations, access, etc. in a secured environment.

April 2020
Metroplex Multimedia

A user can only watch videos that are associated with their events & organization.

“I have a video production company that often films live events. I am looking to move my delivery from DVD to digital with an app.”
Tim P., Business Owner

Admin Backend & Server
Designed & Developed the database, along with the necessary Backend Server, Security & API Infrastructure.
Customer Frontend
Designed & Developed necessary pages for an Org to search their profile, select an event, login into the event, and watch videos
Admin Frontend
Designed & Developed the frontend for an admin to log in, access the dashboard, manage video assets, users, and events
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