Feb 2023
NFT Marketplace - UI/UX Design

The DiviD project aims to revolutionize the collectibles market by offering a fractional ownership platform for high-value physical assets. The platform allows individuals to own a share of rare and valuable collectible items such as coins, stamps, jewelry, comic books, and more.

Fractional Ownership
This platform enables fractional ownership of high-value physical assets, allowing individuals to own a share of rare collectibles. Through the issuance of ownership tokens, users can invest in and enjoy the benefits of co-owning valuable items.
Community Voting
The platform incorporates a community voting system where users can participate in the decision-making process. Users have the opportunity to vote on listing submissions and resell proposals, ensuring a democratic and inclusive approach to the marketplace’s operations.
Secure Asset Custody
The Platform acts as a trusted custodian for the physical collectibles held within the platform. With secure bank vault storage and comprehensive insurance coverage, users can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable assets are protected. The platform takes the responsibility of storing and safeguarding assets, minimizing risk for token holders.
Political Campaign Website - WordPress
Political Campaign Website - WordPress

Revolutionizing Collectible Ownership

With this platform, users can experience the thrill of co-owning unique items such as rare coins, jewelry, comic books, and more. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, it creates a secure and transparent marketplace that allows individuals to invest in valuable collectibles and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

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Made by Nzouat
Get a glimpse of the innovative features that make DiviD a game-changer in the collectibles market. From the seller panel that empowers users to list their treasures, to the buyer panel that offers a seamless purchasing experience, our screenshots capture the essence of DiviD's user-centric design and functionality.

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